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Jay Van Buiten, Owner
North Haledon, NJ U.S.
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Include in your message:

  • App link(s)
  • Revenue/Download numbers for last 30 days
  • Revenue Sources (IAP, Ads, Pro versions, etc)
  • Any other info you have - the more details, the better!

How much $$ can I get for my app?

We have paid anywhere between 8x - 36x monthly revenue for apps. In most cases this is well above the standard market value of 6-12x. It depends on many factors -> upward trajectory, room for marketing improvements, localization, etc. Contact us with your app links and revenue numbers - we'll take a look right away and let you know a ballpark figure if we're interested.

How is the transaction handled?

App transactions are done using the escrow service Escrow.com, which removes any risk from either side of online transactions. Our payment to you is put into escrow, app transfer contract is electronically signed by both parties, the app is transferred on iTunes Connect or Google Play, and payment is released to you. If you are more comfortable with some other secure method of transaction, just let us know!

What types of apps are you looking for?

While we are open to any category of app/game, we especially love utility, productivity, and fitness apps. We prefer iOS apps, but are open to Android apps or multi-platform apps as well. We are looking for apps that we can update and take to the next level, making them profitable and useful apps for years to come.

What apps have you acquired in the past?

Three apps we have acquired recently are Interval Timer (An awesome at-home fitness timer), Video Merger (Combine multiple videos into one!), and more. Interval Timer and Video Merger were both redesigned, updated, and localized and are now more popular than ever!

How long does the process take?

Not long at all! We usually take a couple days to look over all the numbers and decide whether to make an offer. If the offer is accepted, the escrow process and app transfer can be done in as little is 5 days. It is possible you could have your money in your account within a week of contacting us!

What assets and rights are transferred?

You are selling exclusive rights to your app, code, design, icons, and web assets. You cannot re-use any code contained in the app or re-release the app on a different name, or use the design or icon again. If the app has websites or social media accounts, we will discuss whether to transfer those.